New Akrapovic Exhaust Downpipes for BMW F87N M2 Competition

As you probably know, the F87 M2 used the N55 engine which was remarkably similar to the S55 but not similar enough to share components. With the new F87N M2 Competition, BMW ditched the N55 and gave the M2 the S55 engine. The new engine means that many M3/M4 parts are now usable on the M2. For those who want the best exhaust possible, Akrapovic is the go-to company. They already offered downpipes for M3/M4, and now Akrapovic has confirmed that the downpipes work with the M2 Competition!

Like most downpipes for the S55 engine, Akrapovic designed these downpipes for off-road use only. They highly recommend an ECU tune to deal with the check engine light and take advantage of on the power gains. Akrapovic constructs the downpipes from high-quality stainless steel. The design improves exhaust flow, resulting in a 23 horsepower and 28 lb-ft increase, and lightweight construction sheds an impressive 7 lbs off the vehicle! For anyone looking to upgrade their M2 Competition’s downpipes are the perfect solution!


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