Weistec 722.9 Bullet Proof Transmission Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG 07-14

Weistec 722.9 Bullet Proof Transmission Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG 07-14



Weistec Engineering is now offering an upgrade for the 722.9, 7-speed transmission used in many AMG models. Every transmission is carefully disassembled and inspected to insure no fatigue to casing or other imperative parts. Once accepted Weistec then cryogenically harden all gears, packs, input shaft, and output shaft.

The transmission is then reassembled using upgraded clutch packs, all new gaskets and seals, filter, and hardware. The Weistec Bullet Proof 722.9 is also outfitted with upgraded Valve Body and TCU to ensure proper line pressure and superior shift quality. The result is a built transmission capable of handling power levels in excess of 1000lbft of torque while maintaining the drivability of a stock transmission.

Weistec Engineering strongly recommends factory Mercedes transmission fluid.

Features:Both Converter and MCT based Transmissions supported
Increased Torque Capacity
Upgraded Clutch Packs Containing More Clutch Discs
Redesigned Clutch Piston Geometry
Increase Frictional Surface Area
Increased Clutch Material
Improved Heat Dissipation
New Gaskets and Filter
New OEM Fasteners and Hardware
Fully Assembled and Ready to Run
Used by some of the fastest AMG vehicles
Fitment:Note:Note: Weistec Engineering thoroughly inspects the entire transmission upon arrival. During the build process it is important to understand that wear and tear items (such as clutches, seals, and gaskets) are replaced. Parts such as input shafts, output shafts, casing, etc. are not replaced in the build process. If there is damage to these parts a representative will notify the customer. Extra costs can be incurred if this is the case. Typical lead time is 3-4 weeks.
Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG 07-14


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